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New beginning at Easter

And here I am...starting my own blog. And a good time too. Spring to me always feels like the whole new beginning to something fresh, yet unknown but highly inspiring chapter.

On this occasion at Easter time, I would like to share a very useful link with you, how to dye your Easter eggs in the most natural and traditional way, by using, I am sure to everyone's surprise, an onion skin (!). As far as I know this is an old Baltic tradition. And why do we color the eggs at Easter? According to one of the legends, Mary, Jesus' Mother was present at her son's crucifixion on Good Friday and she brought eggs with her. In one version, blood from Jesus' wounds drops on the eggs, coloring them red. Another version of the legend tells of Mary weeping, begging the soldiers at the cross to be less cruel to her son. She gives these soldiers eggs and, as her tears fall on them, they are spotted with brilliant color.

Please take a look at the photo below that my twin boys and I have decorated these Easter eggs ourselves by keeping this old family tradition alive.

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