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When the Past meets the Future!


Our story


And it is with great pride that we manufacture a true European linen range lavished in culture, tradition, pride and centuries of craftmanship. We were fortunate enough to find a family run linen mill that produces the most natural, ecological, woven with old traditions, luxury products. 


The qualities of linen  never fail us. Its unique characteristics sustain resulting in pieces that will stand the test of time. Its unique woven patterns keep us afresh and continually amazed. Its fabric versatility makes it a firm favourite all around the world. And it will remain a staple in our lives for centuries to come. 


We would like to dedicate this website to Gita, TL owner's dearest sister, who sadly passed away 5 years ago due to sudden illness. Her inspiration to life, people and creativity in her own business has helped her bring this online shop to life. Gita has created the foundations of this website, and would have loved to see it blossom. She knew her sister's passion and will was very strong to share many peoples' homes through linen. In her heart she would have been very proud of True Linen. And we are sure, she is.


So let our passion be yours! And enjoy the experience of  linen!



Laima Crowley,

Founder of True Linen

Laima Crowley


I believe in thought, word and print!
I believe in wisdom and knowledge of our ancestors.


I believe in beauty, comfort and sophistication.

I believe in Linen!


Created by craftsmen and professionals who

carry out thought, keep their word and leave the print of their hard work. 


Poem by Laima


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Herringbone Emerald Green Cushion.jpg
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