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Why linen sheets would change your world

Over the years linen sheets have become incredibly popular. And these are few reasons why:

1.Linen gets softer, more scrumptious with each wash due to its unique properties.

2.Linen is temperature-regulating. It regulates the skin-air heat exchange like no other fabric. For that reason keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

3.The fabric is hypo-allergenic, perfect for those with sensitive skin, allergy conditions.

4.Flax is a super strong plant, withstanding all the harsh weathers. So that makes the linen sheets are stronger then any other fabric that last for years to come.

5.Due to molecular structure, linen can absorb the moisture five times its own weight. It allows more airflow and is therefore less likely to cling to the skin.

6.Linen fabric is bacteria resistant and is naturally insect repellent.

7.Linen is anti-static and it does not cling to the body.

8.Stays clean longer as this naturally repels dirt.

9.Due to microscopic 'breaks' throughout the textured fabric, linen gives you a bit of light massage while you sleep.

10.Environmentally friendly! Linen flax plant needs very little water to consume and no pesticides are used while cultivated. Made of natural fibres, naturally fabric is biodegradable.

Choose natural living, choose linen sheets!


True Linen

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