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The Benefits of Linen Bedding

When it comes to picking up suitable bedding, we usually get overwhelmed in range of options available out there. Should you purchase cotton or linen bed linen?

One thing we are sure of that the wrong sheets around your body can lead to restless sleep and lack of energy in the morning.

For generations, linen sheets were the top choice while outfitting a bed. Linen bedding fabric is usually thicker and can outlast any other fabric. With a stiff-to-smooth and consistent feel, linen sheets can give a slightly massaging effect due to microscopic breaks in the material. And that increases your blood circulation. The material is also anti-static, which allows the skin and body to maintain natural pH levels.

Most people tend to think of linen as a hot-weather fabric and it certainly is an amazing temperature regulating and most absorbent fabric that keeps you cool in the summer. But you don't necessarily have to switch them from mid-September. The linen bedding is incredibly comfortable all year round and the fabric has yet another benefit to keep you warm in the winter.

Linen is the Earth friendly flax plant. Every part of the plant has traditionally has been used to create a worthwhile product, such as linseed oil. Linen flax can grow in poor soil, using far less water in its consumption than cotton, and far less pesticides than any other plant.

When choosing linen bedding pay attention where the linen itself is cultivated - most premium brands, including ourselves, source/manufacture theirs from Europe.

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