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Sleep and exercise facts

Why is exercise good for your sleep? Studies have shown that regular, moderate exercise can decrease the time it takes to fall asleep. Working out has also been shown to boost your time in deep, or slow-wave, sleep. For example, power lifting or an active yoga class can elevate your heart rate, helping to create the biological processes in the brain and body that contribute to better quality sleep.

'Know your body, know yourself'. Whether your take the excises in the morning or before bed time, it is not scripted. Aerobic exercises causes the body to release endorphins and some people might find it difficult to go straight to sleep. That means they should take exercise 1-2h before their bed time. And some people, like myself, could easily fall into the linen bedding after the exercises took place. So, we are all different, just listen to your body.

And after a hard workout, what could it be relaxing than a good night's sleep in natural, organic bedding that will be a luxury accessory to your bedroom. Linen sheets are excellent temperature regulators and keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

It is also worth investing into something, that will serve you a lifetime of pleasure.

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