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Perfect washing day

How do I wash linen sheets for the first time?

The good news is that our linens are washing machine friendly, The first wash allows the linen fibres to settle into place and give your bedding sheets the best chance at longevity.

Use these 7 simple steps to get the best results:

1. Wash linen only with other similar fabric structure materials or do a separate load.

2. For bed sheets and towels 40C temperature is required. Tablecloths, throws and clothing can be washed with 30C temperature.

3. Loose weave linen scarves and apparel items is best to wash in lukewater by hand.

4. Only a mild detergant to be used.

5. Do not bleach the fabric.

6. Tumble drying should be avoided but if you have to, use the lowest heat setting.

7. Line dry in a nice, light space out of fierce sunlight and do not overdry.

Do I need iron my linen sheets?

Linen is one of those fabrics that natural wrinkle gives a gorgeous and relaxed look to your bedding sheets. So the answer is - you do not need to iron your bed sheets (unles you really want to!)

Have a perfect washing day!

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