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Pastel Hues

We love talking about linen bedding. And you know why? Because there is so much we can talk about. For example, today's topic is your bedding colour. I've asked my husband, what do you think is the most popular colour in the UK? He said 'white', I said 'nope'.

Apparently, according to property rentals specialist Essential Living, these are the most popular bedding colours in our homes:




It was a close battle with grey only just beating white to the title as the best selling bedding colour with 27 per cent. White bedding was found to be used to make up only 23 per cent of our beds.

Blue came in as the third most popular colour. it's not a shocker to learn that bedding in neutral shades of white, grey and blue are the best-sellers.

We should know this from our own experience, without the experts telling us. That is so TRUE! Out of our six created pastel colours, our Light Grey Melange bedding set is the most popular one. Then our best seller would be Natural Linen and Off-White.

Reference : IDEAL HOME March edition.

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