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Minimal Easter Table Decoration Ideas

Nordic, Baltic, Scandinavian living is all about simplicity. As with all decoration, your Easter

decoration should reflect your taste and suit the rest of your home interior. In recent years, Easter decoration trends have seen a great deal of neutral and monochrome colour schemes. Why not try all white or pastel colour table decor?

Here are some tips for Easter table setting:

- Create base with white/off-white tablecloth

- Use simple porcelain to balance the colours, most likely neutral or pastel

- Create s centrepiece with a large glass vase with spring twigs from nature/ hang Easter ornaments & feathers on twigs or place a giant egg in the vase

- Place some spring bulbs bulbs into egg cups to add a pop of greenery to your table

- Decorate the table with actual boiled eggs in various colours

- Place some wild flowers in few small vases either picked up from your garden or purchased,

this will add both, colour and scent.

Enjoy this festive Spring season!

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