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Linen Waffle Unisex Hotel/Spa Slippers

I have recently traveled to Madrid with my family and have stayed in a 4 star hotel located in a 'Golden Mile' of Madrid. The grand 19th-century boulevards of glamorous Salamanca are lined up with fine-dining restaurants and designer boutiques, beautiful architecture.

We stayed on the hotel's 7th floor and were able to use all the lovely facilities that came with the business level, such as unlimited use of the buffet bar throughout a day, the usage of a top floor

terrace and of course a gym for those who are up for it.

But to my surprise, I was very disappointed to find unhealthy and synthetic slippers in a 4 star hotel. I could say the same about the bedding. The fabric is so unnatural and unhealthy for the skin, it was nearly impossible to sleep and to use their slippers. Isn’t that the most important factor when we stay in 4-5 star hotels to expect the natural and perhaps luxury environment and expect true relaxation?I I should think so. That's what we pay for, right?

And that's where we come in to help those who travel a lot and would prefer to keep their feet rested and healthy. We can offer most natural, organic, chemical free and Eco-friendly unisex waffle slippers that are made of pure woven linen fabric. They are very light, breathable and super absorbent. Just pack them in the bottom of your suitcase and off you go.

Machine washable, available in sizes EU36 to 43 (UK4 to 9.5).

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