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JAPANDI - what is it?

Japandi is a hybrid trend, which embraces Japanese simplicity and rustic Scandinavian style. It is less casual than the pure Scandi style and not as formal as the traditional Japanese style. Both of these styles share principles of minimalism and creating function-driven spaces defined by a handful of statement pieces rather than an abundance of decor. Japandi is a good fit with hectic modern lifestyles, because 'these pieces allow people to create calm environment in which they can fully unwind', according to Kris Manalo, senior buyer at design store Heal's.

In Japan and Scandinavia, there's that appreciation of things that are made by hand, made with care and made to last, they're treated with respect and affection.

How to add some Japandi style to your interior:

1.Embrace simplicity.

2.Choose natural materials.

3.Explore warm muted shades, but also contrast colours

4.Go low and space out.

5.Style with high quality textiles.

You can get more in-depth tips about the style that lasts here:

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