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Japandi - is it a hybrid?

I am sure you hear this term more often then ever. Japandi - what really is it?

According to the Bustling Nest online Magazine Japandi is a new interior design trend. It is the cultural fusion of two distinct interior design styles to create one hybrid style for a new type of design. This includes combining Japanese minimalism with the postmodern, minimalist, yet soothing style of Scandinavian design.

Today's hybrid decor style has taken aesthetics to a whole new level, blending nature, nurturing, and neutrality into the comfort of your everyday living area, something we write a lot about on our social media posts.

Somehow combining these two cultures together seems so natural and almost perfect. While the Japanese style is more concervative yet minimalist by nature, Scandinavian 'hygge' emphasizes environmental comforts and self-nurturing. The Japanese designs use richer, warmer hues natural, neutral undertones and on other hand the Nordic aesthetics includes lightness and comfort, mixing simplicity and light to create a pleasant environment and inviting atmosthere.

It is most likely that materials such as bamboo or real wood is used for furniture to create the simple setting. The colour palette should be muted but can include brighter, subtle colours such as pink, peach or sage pastels. The quickest way to achieve the harmony from the natural outside world inside would be by using real, high quality fabrics such as organic cotton, muslin and linen that can be used to decorate furniture or wicker chair.

You can incorporate few plant vases, minimalist clay or glass sculptures or few books on your end table as part of the Scandi design style to create a functional yet minimalist Scandinavian ambience. The last but not least item would be to add one of True Linen cushions and throws on to your sofa or a day bed to invite the ultimum luxury and functionality to your livingscape.

We love this 'Wabi-Sabi' lifestyle inspired by ancient Japanese philosophy, which welcomes imperfection in everyday life by finding beauty in every thing and situation.

Choose Natural Living, choose Japandi!

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