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Huckaback Towels

Do you know what they are? They are like rear species just in the fabric world.

We found that our Huckaback towels were woven by using ancient weaving technique that originates in Sweden since 1600s. This tight fabric is woven with vertical loops on one side, and horizontal loops on the other side. By using this weaving technique it makes the towels super durable, absorbent and very breathable. Exceptionally good for your skin and super super soft.

The Huck towel is also very versatile. We use it as a bath towel, in the Spa, as a beach towel or as a blanket. Once you find that perfect purpose and feeling, you won’t let go. A truly all round beneficial investment. Ours do come in 4 styles and 2 sizes.

So, be our guest and feel like at home by picking one from our website!


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