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How often to change and wash your bedding?

For most people washing the bed sheets is not their favourite chore! In fact almost three fifths of us don't change our bed sheets each week.

Your bedding sheets can accumulate a lot of stuff you can't see: thousands of dead skin cells, dust mites and mould. Dust mites can multiply very quickly by feeding on human skin scales. Just a thought of it, brrr!

According to experts we should change our sheets weekly, without a fail. Especially those with allergies, eczema and asthma or, in today's climate, as a precaution against Coronavirus.

Do wash most bedding at 60C temperature but for linen fabric bedding, 40C with a good biological detergent is just enough with the odd 60C now and again.

And don't forget the duvet. The recommended time for pillows and duvet is twice a year.

Choose natural living, choose healthy living!

Article reference: Healthline and Goodhousekeeping.

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