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Green Friday

Let's make Green Friday instead of Black!

Raise awarness for Green Friday and its values - spread the word! The more we connect, the greater our potential and impact.

These are the ways to a more positive relationship with our lives:

1. Get outside in nature. Science shows this is very de-stressing and extremely good for our health. Besides, just step outside a little more and who knows who you'll bump into or what great things it might lead to.

2. Spend time with friends and family. Technology and consumerism can easily leave us, and our loved ones, feeling isolated or unfulfilled. This is the perfect time to meet up with your favourite people. And it will make you both feel geat!

3. Do something nice for someone, It does not have to be anything big or arduous: even smiling at a stranger can make a world of difference to both parties. That said, if you do have some great plans to help someone else in your life - there's no time like the present.

4. Do something to support a charity, your local community or any good cause. Lots of us have plans, intentions and even whole projects we keep meaning to commit to. Whether it's volunteering somewhere, gathering those supplies for a local food bank or sharing your skills with someone, giving time to something outside yourself,

is the best cure for Stagnation Blues! For the best effects all-round, we recommend something active - donating money is great, but the satisfaction is extremely short-lived.

5. Take time to create something. Have you been meaning to learn to paint, make a new recipe, play an instument or develop some skill you've always admired? Go for it! Maybe there is an axciting project, invention, innovation or bright idea in you. We humans are truly unique in our ability to create something completely new out of nothing. So take a step back from the day-to-day stuff, find a nice relaxing space, and maybe afresh sheet of paper - and see what exciting new things you can come up with.

6. Get active. If you're heading to work or anywhere else - perhaps take the bike or jog. You probably don't need us to tell you, but it's nice to be reminded: exercise is incredibly good for us on so many levels.

7. Meditate, take up yoga or breating execises, otherwise invest into your health. Science continues to uncover the many layers of goodness which activities like meditation, yoga, pilates and tai chi can offer. These benefits include: clearer thought, improved sleep, better emotional regulation, improved cognition and problem solving and greater creativity. Those some of these activities can take a little willpower and practice to learn , it's worth remembering that they could also give you heaps of pleasure. Many of these, time-and-science-tested activities are great for increasing mental and physical flexibility, reducing pain and discomfort, calming the central nervous system, improving our mood, posture and outlook and facilitating natural happiness!

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