From True Linen Organic SPA Collection.


Extra Large bath towel. Size 150cm x 100cm

Made from 100% natural linen flax loops and 100% cotton base. Great for all your bathing needs.

Linen, like hemp can absorb moisture 5 times its own weight, do not collect static charges and are hypoallergenic. These towels are extremely durable and long lasting.

As this product is made of raw, natural fibres, separate wash is recommended for the first time. 

This product hasn't been treated and it hasn't been chemically softened.  

Linen X Large Terry Bath Towel

  • * Composition: base 100 % cotton,
       border and loop 100% linen
    * Size XL, 150cm x 100cm
    * Colour - Natural/Off-White
    * Machine washable at 40C
    * Made in EU